Open Source Message Queue (OSMQ)
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Open Source Message Queue (OSMQ)TM is an advanced, pure Java, asynchronous message router, message broker and message middleware framework. OSMQ was designed for high performance, high reliability, and ease of use, with an interface that is less complex than JMS. OSMQ supports a publish-subscribe and point-to-point message architecture, employing a queue-based store-and-forward model of message distribution.

Free open source version

The OSMQ Group has chosen to release the product as open source, using the
GNU public license.
To download OSMQ including source code, go to Downloads.

Commercial non-GPL License

In addition to the GNU public license, The OSMQ Group also provides commercial licences for its OSMQ and Intebroker products. A commercial non-GPL license covers one server with an unlimited number of connections. The InteBroker/OSMQ license also includes the remote monitor component. The price of a single commercial license is $795. To purchase one or more commercial licenses, contact us.

InteBroker is The OSMQ Group's GUI based message broker suite built on top of OSMQ. For a more detailed explanation of InteBroker, including screen shots of the message broker and a copy of the Administrator's Guide, see the InteBroker page.

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