Open Source Message Queue (OSMQ)
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Current stable release
By downloading any of the files on this page, you agree to the terms of the OSMQ Public License.
Current stable release
Description: osmq version 2.0.4
This download includes the OSMQ java source code, sample source code and the OSMQ public license. It also includes a jar file of  OSMQ Java classes (osmq.jar) for developing and running client applications.
+ includes a binary fully functional, non-commercially licensed version of InteBroker. Note that InteBroker is licensed under a separate license that is included with the binary file.
Contains the java documentation for the public classes.

PoJoe Libraries

Description: pojoe component libraries
PoJoe is an outgrowth of OSMQ. The libraries are a collection of the most useful and reusable components that were developed for OSMQ and InteBroker, including threads, dynamic discovery, logs, async peer-2-peer, and paging fifos.

User guides

developers guide
Description: Developer's Guide (preliminary draft)

Sample code

client code
Description: Peer-to-peer client and publish-subscribe client examples

data records
Description: Data record code snippets
Data Records are the basis of a field-oriented messages. These code samples shows how to set and get the various values in a DataRecord.

UI controls
Description: Virtual message mapping to a visual grid.

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